SIT Sports is part of a group of companies that operate in different sectors, SIT being the nexus of all of them.

SIT (Integral Telecommunications Systems)

Founded by César Barroso (CEO) and Raquel Muriel as Financial Manager more than 30 years ago, Sit aims to provide sporting events with the highest technology in timing, tracking systems, generation of classifications, graphics, radio, avionics and telecommunications in general, evolving and working continuously to improve these systems every day.

The one-hundred percent Spanish capital SIT company carries out complex technological projects for events such as La Vuelta a España (desde 1995), The FIA World Rally Championship WRC (World Rally Championship), the FIA Formula E Championship, etc.

We have the best human team trained by professionals and committed to quality in service, backed by the best technical infrastructure.

There is no other company like SIT Sports in the World so specialized and able to perform all the services mentioned before at the same time, in the same event, and with the same equipment.


From its headquarters in Cuatro Vientos airport in Madrid, Spain, SIT is located in a strategically communicated area, with total connection via land and air with the whole world, which allows to ensure a good coverage to our clients at all times.

SIT’s facilities cover a total of 5000 m2, distributed between the administration and offices area, the workshop-assembly area, laboratory, race testing area, warehouse area, and a Hangar of more than 1000 m2, where the fleet of airplanes and helicopters is kept.


Examples of technological projects


La Vuelta a España (since 1995)

Below we list the services we provide to La Vuelta Ciclista to Spain.

Timing and classifications

As official suppliers of the TAG Heuer brand, we have the latest technology for real time timing. Using TAG Heuer devices (photo finish cameras, transponders, photocells, clocks, etc.), MyLaps devices (transponders and decoders) and the software developed by SIT we obtain a complete, advanced and robust system of timing and generation of qualifications. SIT implements official results 3 kilometres before the Finish Line.

Transponder timing service
A transponder installed on each of the bikes of the group allows to know the stage qualification immediately after the riders cross the goal line, and allows to calculate the race general standings within a few seconds.

Timing service by photo finish
Two virtual reality cameras are installed in the goal line to allow photographing the arrival of the cyclists, providing the finish time and being used as a complementary system to the transponder timing.

Qualification service
The integration of all systems allows SIT to provide in a fast, secure and reliable way each and every one of the official qualifications with a Software developed by SIT that is constantly evolving.

Generation of the official contents for the platform of ASO
We format the contents obtained with our SIT systems to deliver them in real time to the ASO platform, according to your specifications. Generated files (XML, TXT, etc.) are automatically delivered to ASO FTP servers.

The generated contents are:
Road Book, Time Schedules, Riders & Starters, Standings, Gaps & Time Trials, Standings and intermediate standings, Race positions, Gaps, Riders’ list, Starters’ list, Riders’ results, Time Trials (CLM), Photos, Sprint Finish Photos .

Infographics and telemetry

Web Information Service
Excellent professionals with years of experience in sports retransmissions, both nationally and internationally, carry out an exhaustive follow-up of the course of the race, transferring all the information through the official WEB page of La Vuelta a España.

Television graphics service
All this information is also used by SIT in the television broadcast. Several graphics generation platforms are installed to cover the different mobile TV units.
· Multinational mobile unit.
· Personalized mobile unit for T.V.E. (Spanish National TV), with advertising inserts.
· Editing and summary unit.

Telemetry tracking service
It allows the real time tracking of the race to be determined, providing the following information:
· Distance to the Finish line of each of the groups.
· Instant time differences between each of the groups
· Instant speed

Communications via Radio
Aircraft and helicopters

Airplane communications service to support all voice radios and data communications for the La Vuelta Ciclista to Spain.

The project includes pressurized aircraft, rental of all necessary equipment (radiotelephones, receivers, walkie-talkies, etc.), 5 specialized technicians (1 in the finish line and 4 in career) for technical support, as well as all installations in the Cars, motorcycles, podium, trucks, etc …

We also include helicopters for the Relay service, air recording and passenger transfers with expert coordinator service to ensure the safety of passengers during boardings, a mechanic and fuel tank for maximum use of flight hours to avoid trips to Airports for refueling.

Web Services and Datacenter

SIT designs, develops and hosts the website of La Vuelta in each edition.

To this end, it has a team of programmers, designers and system engineers who are in charge of providing this service in an integral way.

SIT Sports has its own Data Center, equipped with all the necessary systems to offer High Availability services: · Redundant lines with the best telecommunication operators in Spain such as Movistar (Professional Optical Fiber Circuit with 1000 Mbps CIR) and Vodafone – ONO (ATM 100 Mbps) · Uninterruptible power supply systems reinforced with diesel generator set.

Blue Thunder Project

At SIT we have the highest technology, again a result of the combination of our systems, to collaborate in the detection, monitoring and coordination in the fight against forest fires in the Madrid region.

Blue Thunder, the Citizen Protection helicopter, focuses the fire zone through the smoke with its camera, and sends information about fire quality to the Advanced Command Post (PMA). The Blue Thunder is a modern AS 355 NP helicopter equipped with very specific cameras and using our telecommunications network, transmits the images in real time to the coordination center of 112 in the Madrid Communication, while sending the pertinent metadata to Its systems to maximize the quality of the information and facilitate the decision making to those responsible for each area: Firefighters, Civil Protection, Police …

We also encode our images into a live streaming of the same ones that come to the managers who are not in the coordination center through their mobile devices (Android, Apple, Windows …)

The technology and development of SIT also serves the protection of citizens and the environment.