Experts and event specialists, from project planning and frequency management to implementation.
Voice, data and video radio communication services through all types of links and terrestrial and aerial repeaters.
Rental and sale of telecommunications equipment, working with brands and leading companies in the sector, being official supplier of Icom Spain.


We offer precision electronic timing services for any type of sports test, we also have the ability to provide tailor-made solutions, mainly supporting the Tag Heuer timing systems being the official supplier in Spain.

Air Fleet

We have our own fleet of aircraft and helicopters which allows us to offer totally customized solutions for any type of client and air work.
Our aircraft are tailor-made, with high repeatability technology of all kind of wireless signals and superior autonomy range thanks to the auxiliary fuel tanks.

GPS Tracking

We offer the real time tracking of any type of vehicle through our custom developed devices, transmitting the position in several ways to guarantee the safety of the participants of any event.
Our bi-directional technology allows us, among others, to send an electronic yellow flag to the participants.

TV graphics

We perform graphics and timing for live TV production, using industry leading software combined with our own software, our experience and combined technology allows us to perform our work in locations where it would be impossible for others.

Management and publication results

Our work does not end with the time-controlling, there is a processing, treatment and publication behind each result.
With systems designed by our own programmers to measure in both the public and the back office.
We have our own datacenter and duplicate systems set in local place and in Spain.